Experienced Advocacy Against Assault Charges

Misdemeanor and felony assault charges are fairly common in New York, but because they carry such harsh penalties, you need an accomplished defense lawyer protecting your interests. This is especially true when charges stem from false allegations or a misunderstanding of the facts. An experienced advocate will be able to help you clear up the situation, raise all possible defenses and give you the best chance of success at trial.

Attorneys Robert A. Napier and James A. Napier have the experience, legal knowledge and advanced courtroom skills you need when charged with assault. They carry Napier & Napier‘s tradition of providing insightful, custom-tailored criminal defense representation to clients in Rochester and throughout upstate New York. By entrusting your case to us, you ensure that your future is in the hands of attorneys with decades of legal experience and a long track record of achieving successful results.

Domestic Incidents And Assault

Assault occurs when someone physically harms another person, whether by punching, kicking or any other type of physical contact. Assault charges can also arise when a person threatens to physically harm someone else. These situations often occur in domestic circumstances or in fights at bars or other establishments.

No matter where the act occurred, we take the time to look at the specific facts of your case and then custom-tailor a strategy aimed at helping you avoid or minimize the consequences of an assault charge. Whether we use longstanding theories such as self defense or defense of others or a new defense based on recent developments in the law, we fiercely advocate on your behalf and protect your rights at every stage of your case.

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