Client Testimonials

Got me a better plea deal then I expected. Was very upfront and worked alongside me updating me on everything that was going on. Was very accessible and knowledgeable about my case which allowed me to get a great outcome.


This guy helped keep me out of jail! I live in Chicago, and I was in Rochester for work. I drank a little much one night, and the judge wasn’t happy with me. Hired Mr. Napier on the spot, and he got the case dropped for a low price. I would definitely recommend him.


I had a cell phone ticket that would have taken my license away. The court at first was unwilling to lower it. Napier got it reduced and managed to let me keep my license. They are the best!


Jim assisted us with our real estate closing. Everything went smoothly and we were very happy with his service.


Highly recommend the team at Napier & Napier!


Jim Napier has been one of the best people I’ve came across when it comes to anybody in the legal system. SPECTACULAR representation!Top of Form


I do not know how much you have these guys for legal services….. I just know it was not nearly enough….great guysTop of Form


Competent and professional! Long history of diligent and successful representation.




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