What Does It Mean To Be A Person Of Interest?

After a crime is committed, law enforcement looks to identify potential suspects, knows as “persons of interest.” This title indicates that police believe that the individual could be involved in the crime, but they have no direct evidence to support this assumption. The person of interest is not officially charged with any crime.

You may learn that you a person of interest after receiving a phone call from the local police department, or a letter from the U.S. District Attorney’s office. Knowing how to comport yourself as a person of interest can mean the difference between a criminal conviction and freedom from charges. Napier & Napier regularly assists New York residents who are persons of interest in various types of criminal cases to explain their rights and protect them from serious charges.

If you are a person of interest, call our Rochester office at 585-504-0904 to secure trusted legal guidance that can protect your future.

Do Not Answer Potentially Incriminating Questions

As a person of interest, law enforcement may ask you questions either over the phone or in person. Do not answer their questions. Whether directly stated or not, you have a right to refuse questioning, and it is in your best interest to do so. Authorities are attempting to gain incriminating evidence that could allow them to charge you with a crime.

Instead of answering even seemingly harmless questions, you should contact our experienced defense attorneys to discuss your circumstances. Each of our lawyers has over 30 years of dedicated criminal defense experience. We understand the legal system and how to best protect you from criminal charges that could jeopardize your freedom and well-being.

Contact Our Firm For Strong Legal Support

If you are identified as a person of interest, you should immediately contact a skilled attorney. Do not wait until you are officially charged with a crime. The sooner that Napier & Napier is able to work with you, the better chances we have of securing a favorable case outcome. Call us at 585-504-0904 to schedule a confidential, and free, initial case evaluation. You may also contact us online.



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