Additional Consequences Of Sex Crime Charges And Convictions

An arrest for any sex-related crime is a dire charge on your record. Life can drastically change after an accusation is made and more so after a conviction. Along with prison time, fines and probation, you may suffer other consequences that come as a surprise. Losing a spouse, friends and a job are not uncommon in such cases. The sympathetic attorneys at Rochester’s Napier & Napier can help address these and other critical concerns that other law firms may overlook. We can help you understand and prepare for the unknown.

A Breakdown Of Additional Risks

Often times, there are civil penalties and consequences related to sex crime convictions, such as:

  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender — An arrest and conviction for a sex crime can make your information public. New York state’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) requires all sex offenders to register and informs the public about where they live.
  • Civil lawsuit from victim — After a criminal defense trial, a victim may sue with a civil lawsuit.
  • Ban from work with or around children — This prohibition can cause trouble in surprising ways. For example, if you work in construction and your company is remodeling a school, you may not be able to work within a certain distance from children.
  • A stigma in society — No matter what your circumstances, an arrest for any sex crime mars your reputation. A critical strain is put on your ability to find employment, keep a current job, stay married and have friendships.
  • No ability to appeal — A sex crime conviction may result in an offer of a plea bargain from the other side of the aisle. Often times this “deal” includes an admission of guilt, which waves your right to future appeals. A solid defense at trial from a New York sex crime attorney may be in your best interest. Our lawyers can explain issues in understandable terms to help with the uncertainty.

Our attorneys can also advise you on ways to avoid or cope with the unforeseen burdens of criminal guilty verdicts and the unanticipated consequences of sex crime arrests.

Job And Immigration Concerns

Your employer may suspend or revoke your credentials if you drive a school bus for a living and have a sex charge conviction. You may also have to pay hefty fines to help reinstate your ability to drive. This is just one example of unexpected consequences that can affect almost any occupation.

If you are not a citizen of the United States and/or are here on a visa, a sex arrest can affect your ability to stay in the country. A misdemeanor or another crime of moral turpitude can result in deportation. To explore ways to protect your immigration status, speak with an experienced attorney immediately, who can explain your risks and legal options.

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