Repercussions Following A Federal Criminal Conviction

As if the penalties of a federal crime conviction are not enough — prison time, fines and probation — the stigma of having a criminal record can make moving on with life difficult. These ancillary consequences can put many limits on your freedom. Let the lawyers at Napier & Napier in Rochester, New York, assist you through your verdict and after the completion of penalties you face.

Why Federal Crimes Are Unique

Federal arrests commonly involve a federal government agency, making them different from state crimes. These agencies may include the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Drug Enforcement Administration; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Department of Homeland Security; and the Internal Revenue Service. Federal crimes can include:

Whether we represented you in your criminal case or not, we are ready and willing now to help you process the aftermath and move forward.

Penalties And Mandatory Sentences Explained

Federal charges are commonly penalized harsher than state crimes — even for the same charges. Mandatory minimum federal sentences tend to be longer than state sentences. Judges who oversee federal cases need to adhere to federal sentencing guidelines. To learn more details about the length of sentences, the appeals process and more, speak with one of our deeply experienced criminal defense attorneys at our Rochester office.

Unanticipated Burdens That Arise In Post-Felony Life

There are many unforeseen consequences due to a tarnished record, which may include:

  • Inability to find gainful employment
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Denied access to government benefits and programs
  • Inability to rent property or qualify for a home loan
  • Denial of student loans
  • Inability to possess a firearm legally

These collateral consequences of a federal crime in Rochester or elsewhere tend to last years, if not indefinitely.

Committed To Helping Protect Your Rights

Whatever your crime, it is critical to obtain representation from a lawyer who is familiar with how the federal system works. We are abreast of federal laws and can start planning your defense immediately. We can also provide guidance for consequences following criminal convictions, including white collar crime, DUI and drug crime guilty verdicts. Get a free initial consultation by emailing us or contacting us at . We will return your inquiry promptly.



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