Why Is A Lawyer Important In Criminal Cases?

Criminal charges are serious and you should take them seriously. An attorney can help you through the process and avoid mistakes. You can be polite and cooperative with law enforcement, but you don’t have to give a statement. Law enforcement has a job to do. Their job is gather information, evidence and statements for a criminal proceeding.

We Cannot Emphasize This Enough — Talk To A Lawyer First

Before you do anything, exercise your right to counsel. It is more difficult for an attorney to help you if you have already made admissions. It is a common mistake to speak with a police officer or someone else. Those statements can, and often are, used against criminal defendants.

One common occurrence is jailhouse conversations. These can occur between cell mates or other prisoners or during a visit or phone call. Phone calls in jail are all recorded and all listened to by law enforcement. This has been an issue in a number of our cases and we work to counsel clients about these risks.

Experience Makes All The Difference

We have handled hundreds of criminal defense cases. We often get asked about our experience handling cases similar to a potential clients or results obtained. With three decades of criminal defense experience, we are happy to answer these questions as well as discuss possible defenses, the prosecutor or judge in the case, potential outcomes if convicted, and the collateral consequences you may face.

Contact Us To Secure Knowledgeable Legal Counsel

At Napier & Napier, we defend clients in state and federal cases, whether they are charged with sex crimes, facing drug charges or arrested for a DWI. We can assist clients throughout upstate New York from our office in Rochester. Call us at 585-504-0904 to schedule a free initial case consultation. You may also contact our office online.



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