Understanding knife laws in New York

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Knives are tools that many of us use every day when preparing food. However, they can also be used as deadly weapons, and many types of knives are manufactured for that purpose. Therefore, many types of knives are illegal to own or carry in New York State.

If you carry a knife or you own a knife that may have been adapted for use as a weapon, it is important that you understand the New York knife laws in full. Doing so could help you avoid being accused of a weapons crime, but it could also help you to successfully defend yourself if you are accused. The following is an overview of knife laws in New York.

Knives that are legal to own in New York

It is legal to own a hunting knife, a dirk or dagger, a stiletto, and as of May 30, 2019, it is legal to own a gravity knife.

Knives that are illegal to own in New York

If you are not a U.S. citizen, it is illegal to own any knife. You are also unable to own any knife that has been adapted to be used as a weapon. Metal knuckle knives, cane swords, throwing stars and ballistic knives are also illegal to own.

The laws on carrying knives in New York

Restrictions on carrying knives in New York operate around intent. This means that carrying a dirk, dagger or stiletto is illegal to carry if you have the intent to use it as a weapon against another. This intent is often presumed by the court, however, when a person is found to be carrying a weapon.

While there are no concealed carry laws in New York, carrying an unconcealed knife in public will likely be met with the presumption that you had the intent to use it against another.

Knives are extremely dangerous tools and must be treated appropriately. Make sure that you understand the law in full if you have been accused of a knife-related crime.



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