What to say to police if they pull you over for DUI

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It is vital to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you consumed any alcohol recently. Someone should have told that to a New Jersey woman recently who drove to a police station to pick up a man who also faced charges of driving while under the influence. 

In the event the police pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is important to know exactly what to say. The cops will likely ask you a bunch of questions, such as “Did you have anything to drink tonight?” or “What were you doing before this?” Stating the wrong thing can make the situation much more complicated when you go to court, so it is paramount to know your rights. 

Do not answer incriminating questions

As an example, say you had two beers for dinner. On the drive home, a cop pulls you over and asks how much you had to drink. You do not have to say you drank anything, and instead, you can reply, “I am sorry, officer, but my lawyer advises me not to answer that question.” 

Do not lie

A lot of people assume it would be easier to say, “I have had nothing to drink.” However, if the officer later discovers you did, in fact, have alcohol in your system, then that will work against you in court. The fact you lied will damage your credibility in the eyes of the judge. If you genuinely had nothing to drink, then you can say that. Otherwise, lying is never the way to go. 

Remain polite

As you speak with the officer, you want to remain polite the entire time. This will make the officer more likely to work with you. The cop will likely make a note in the report if you act out of line, and that will make it look like you are under the influence.




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