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Understanding knife laws in New York

Knives are tools that many of us use every day when preparing food. However, they can also be used as deadly weapons, and many types of knives are manufactured for that purpose. Therefore, many types of knives are illegal to own or carry in New York State. If you...

DWI/DWAI: Do you know the difference?

Driving while ability impaired is one charge that you could face if you’re impaired while behind the wheel in New York. This charge varies from a typical driving while intoxicate (DWI) charge, because it is usually applied when someone is assumed to be impaired by...

How could a New York DWI affect your professional success?

Those who get arrested and then charged for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York could face fines, jail time and the suspension of their driver's license as a result of those criminal charges. Some people, eager to limit their consequences or the amount of time...

When can the police search your vehicle?

You’re probably aware that in most cases the police need permission to enter your home, either through someone at the home or via a search warrant. But what about searches of your vehicle? In general, search and seizure laws are less strict when it comes to...

How drug possession can affect college students

College is a great time for fun and making friends. This is the time of your life when you get to embrace your first taste of freedom and can make decisions on your own. While it’s important to explore the world on your own and embrace your newfound...

What is reckless driving in New York?

If you receive a charge for reckless driving, you are dealing with serious consequences. New York treats reckless driving as a criminal offense, not a mere traffic violation punishable with a ticket. A conviction may hit you with jail time, hefty fines and a...

Why you probably should not refuse a breath test

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a bad idea. After all, New York has strict penalties for drunk driving. Fortunately, driving your car after consuming a few beers or cocktails is something you never have to do. If you find yourself beside the road in the...



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