Addressing Serious Child Pornography Charges

Charges of child pornography are more serious than those for most other offenses because the potential consequences include not only a prison sentence, but also registration on the New York sex offender registry and a lifetime of vilification from members of the community. With such high stakes, you need to turn to attorneys who have the experience and deep legal knowledge necessary to build a successful defense on your behalf.

In upstate New York, there is one firm whose name is synonymous with legal excellence in difficult cases involving child pornography and other serious criminal offenses - Napier & Napier. Since our firm was founded in 1948, our lawyers have provided thoughtful and effective defense representation to those who needed it most. Whether you are charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, we fight hard to preserve your reputation and your freedom.

The Internet And Sex Crimes

We live in a digital age, so the majority of child pornography charges involve the downloading or uploading of illegal material. Information on social media may also play a role in your case. Our technical knowledge allows us to delve deep into the facts of your case and build powerful defense strategies for you.

For example, the images or videos in question may have been inadvertently downloaded as a file claiming to be something else or they may have been obtained by someone else using your computer without your knowledge. We use our technical prowess to look at file properties, IP addresses and other computer-related items to exonerate you and protect your good name.

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